Activities of the Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues, Inc. (2010-2014)


July Letter to President Obama asking to help in securing the Japanese Government's official apology and reparation for the comfort women atrocity during WWII in accordance with US Congress HR 121.


July Picket Rally on the 100th Commemoration of the Japanese Annexation of Korea(한일합방) in front of Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC and hand delivered the letter to Emperor and Empress of Japan bringing to Emperor's attention the urgent need to encourage the Japanese people and government to resolve for long-standing issue and redress the pain and suffering of those Comfort Women victims who are still alive. 


November Symposium and Art Exhibition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of WCCW hosted by George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia to promote public awareness and educate future generation.
December Global Solidarity Action Day for the 1,000th Wednesday Demonstration in front of the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC.



The Unveiling Ceremony of “Comfort Women Memorial Peace Garden (CWMPG)” at Fairfax Government site in partnership with the Fairfax County Government.  This CWMPG seeks to educate future generations with profound hope that the atrocities committed against Comfort Women will serve as a reminder and affirmation to the world that such crimes against humanity will not condoned, tolerated or forgotten in the future.


August 14 is 'Comfort Women Memorial Day' an international day of solidarity and remembrance for the Comfort Women and hundreds and thousands of women victims of human trafficking and enforced sexual slavery during WWII. Therefore WCCW prepared together with South East Asia leaders the letter to PM Abe.  Hand delivered it to Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae in Washington, DC.

November Kick off seminar and exhibition on November 25th, on what is 'International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women’ so that we may stand with the United Nations and activists around the world to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls.     
Seminar & Exhibition of The Sorrow and Hope of “Comfort Women” at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC was co-hosted by
Catholic University and KOWIN, DC Chapter with WCCW.

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