Hope for Forgiveness

WCCW Events


January 11 Prof. Park Yuha visited Woodrow Wilson Center Author of a controversial book Comfort Women of Empire spoke at an event of a Washington think tank.
January 28 Film Screening: Spirits' Homecoming (Guihyang) WCCW sponsored a film screening of Guihang (directed by Cho Jung Rae, made with funding from small individual donations from all over the world) at Messiah Presbytarian Church (Annandale, VA)
February 1. Webinar Research Project Launched
2. Board of Directors Meeting (Annandale, VA)
3. New content updated for GoFundMe.com (crowd funding site)
March 8  WCCW press conference at the U.N. With Coalition of Trafficking Against Women, KACE, and KAF in support of the statement of CEDAW
March Survivor GIl Won Ok visited WCCW supported a Nabi Foundation event and delivered a lecture at George Mason University.
April Human Rights Dept. at Southern Methodist University, TX WCCW organized an event with Human Rights Department of the Texas SMU to invite Survivor Oksoon Lee, Director of film Spirit Homecoming Cho Jung Rae, and An Sin Kwon Director at the House of Sharing. Ms. Oksoon Lee gave a testimony to 250 plus audience of the SMU community, human rights and feminist organizations, and Korean and Asian community organizations. WCCW President Jungsil Lee introduced WCCW and presented a session on the comfort women movement in the U.S.
May 2 WCCW Symposium: Accurate History Writing WCCW invited renowned scholar Bonnie Oh, Yamaguchi, and Elizabeth Son. (George Washington University, Washington, DC)
June  WCCW Webinar Research Associates visited the Library of Congress
July WCCW booth at National American of Korean School (NAKS) WCCW showcased an exhibit to promote comfort women issues at the NAKS annual conference (Denver, CO)
August Visitors from Korea
1. Three bicyclists
2. Mayor of Goyang City
September 8 - October 21 Art Exhibition: Collateral Damage WCCW organized an art exhibition at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY. The exhibit displayed art works of various media by 13 artists from different nationalities and backgrounds. The opening reception drew more than 200 students, scholars, activists, and art critics. WCCW also invited performing artist Shine Shin Kim and Coreographer Chanmee Chung.
October  WCCW Conference: Collateral Damage The conference panel consists of George Andreopoulos, Bonnie Oh, Laura Barberan Reinares, and Tomomi Emoto. WCCW President Jungsil Lee and John Jay College Prof. Thalia co-moderated the panel discussion.
November Justice Film Festival at Calgary, Canada WCCW participated in the NGO/NPO conference of the exhibit. President Jungsil Lee was invited as a guest speaker to the film screening of "Apology" to discuss the comfort women issue and activities by WCCW. Many supporters are moving to form the Calgary Coalition for Comfort Women Issues. Grandaughter of survivor Gil Won Ok came to give a speech.
November Meeting with High School Students to produce educational packets and to develop internship program for high school students.