Hope for Forgiveness


    November:    Testimony by Hwang Keumju, a former "comfort woman" 
                            of military sexual slavery by Japan, at Korean United Methodist
                            Church. (News coverage by Channel 5 TV station.)

    December:    WCCW established:  Dongwoo Lee Hahm was named for the first


    January:         Collection of 8,000 petitions on behalf of redress for "comfort

    March:            Organized Demonstration in front of Japanese Embassy
                            demanding "Redress for Comfort Women."

    April:               Attendance at International symposium "The Asian Women and
                            Peace," Tokyo, Japan.

    October:         Publication of a WCCW open letter to Japanese prime minister
                            Hosokawa in The Washington Post.


    February:       "Forum on 'Comfort Women' "  cosponsored by Georgetown
                            University Law Center Students Association.

    February:       Address on "comfort women" at Amnesty International Regional
                            Conference, "Treatment of Women during Wartime."
                            (Speaker:  Won Kim, Esq.)

    March:            Presentation on "comfort women" at the International
                            Women's Day Symposium on Women's Human Rights around
                            the World, University of Richmond.
    May:                Forum on "comfort women." (Speaker: Kenichi Takagi, Attorney-
                            at-Law, Tokyo, Japan.)

    June:              Organized Rally in front of White House: "Asian and American
                            United to Redress Japanese War Crimes"

    October:         Videotaped interviewing of fifteen surviving "comfort women"
                            (South Korea) to preserve their testimonies.


    April:               An exhibition and a video presentation  on "The Comfort
                            Women" at the United Methodist Social Building near Capitol Hill,
                Washington, DC.

    August:          Presentation of the video and an exhibition "The Comfort Women"
                            at the Fourth UN World Conference on Women in Beijing.

    November:  Presentation on "comfort women" issues at the Korean American
                            Women UN Seminar, New York.


    March/April:  Attendance at the 52nd UN Human Rights Commission, Geneva.

    April:               Talk show on "comfort women" at 'The Women Connection,'
                            New York.

    June:              Provision of historical photos to Time magazine (Time magazine
                            later featured a six-page article titled 'Japan: The Furor Over                                    Making Apologies to the "Comfort Women" )

    September:   International conference at Georgetown University: "The 'Comfort
                            Women' of World War II: Legacy and Lessons,"  cosponsored
                            with Georgetown University, the Korea Society.
    October:         Coordinating meetings  for Kim Yoon-shim, a surviving comfort
                            woman with the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. State


    February:       Presentation on 'WCCW activities in the U.S. on Comfort
                            Women" at  International Symposium, Seoul, Korea.

    May:                Presentation on "Comfort Women" at a press conference,
                            U.S, Congress.

    July:                Congressional Representative William O. Lipinski, joined by other
                            U.S. Congressional Representatives (sixty-nine members as
                            of May 998), submitted House Resolution126 to the U.S. Congress,
                            urging the Japanese government to extend a formal apology
                            and pay reparations to victims of Japanese war crimes.

    December:    Book signing by Therese Park, author of  'A Gift of the Emperor.'


    June:              Presentation of significantly expanded exhibit: " Comfort Women of World War II: An Indisputable Tragedy" at the Cannon House Office Building Rotunda on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC (6/1-14).


    March/May:    Exhibit: "Comfort Women of World War II" at the  Free Library of Philadelphia (19 March-3 May 1999)

    March:      Attendance at the Thirteenth Annual Korean American Students'
                            Conference, co- sponsored by Stanford University  and the
                            University of California, Berkeley.  Organized the Keynote speech
                            by Kim Yoon-shim, a surviving comfort woman.