Hope for Forgiveness


Activities of the Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues, Inc. (2010-2015)


July Letter to President Obama asking to help in securing the Japanese Government's official apology and reparation for the comfort women atrocity during WWII in accordance with US Congress HR 121.


July Picket Rally on the 100th Commemoration of the Japanese Annexation of Korea(한일합방) in front of Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC and hand delivered the letter to Emperor and Empress of Japan bringing to Emperor's attention the urgent need to encourage the Japanese people and government to resolve for long-standing issue and redress the pain and suffering of those Comfort Women victims who are still alive.


November Symposium and Art Exhibition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of WCCW hosted by George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia to promote public awareness and educate future generation.
December   Global Solidarity Action Day for the 1,000th Wednesday Demonstration in front of the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC


May The Unveiling Ceremony of “Comfort Women Memorial Peace Garden (CWMPG)” at Fairfax Government site in partnership with the Fairfax County Government. This CWMPG seeks to educate future generations with profound hope that the atrocities committed against Comfort Women will serve as a reminder and affirmation to the world that such crimes against humanity will not condoned, tolerated or forgotten in the future.
August  August 14 is 'Comfort Women Memorial Day,' an international day of solidarity and remembrance for the Comfort Women. Hundreds of thousands of women victims of human trafficking and enforced sexual slavery during WWII. WCCW and the South East Asian leaders prepared a letter to PM Abe. It was hand delivered to Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae in Washington, DC.
November Kick off seminar and exhibition on November 25th, on what is 'International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women’ so that we may stand with the United Nations and activists around the world to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls.

Seminar & Exhibition: The Sorrow and Hope of “Comfort Women” (at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC, co-hosted by Catholic University, KOWIN DC Chapter, and WCCW


January 10 WCCW Team Meeting Newly appointed officers and committee members had a meet-and-greet session to discuss the events planned for 2015 and the future directions of WCCW. (Rockville, MD)
February 21  WCCW Forum 2015 Featured the presentation by Former Chairman of WCCW BOD Moon H. Rhee on how the comfort women issue came to the public light, how Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues was founded in Washington DC area, and the importance of grassroots movement for the passage of HR-121 in 2007. (Vienna, VA)
March 16   Passage of MD Senate Res. 520 Maryland Senate Resolution 520 and SJR 3 sponsored by MD Senator Susan Lee passed in the Maryland State Senate. WCCW wrote and delivered a letter in support of the Bills. WCCW officers attended the senate session, and President Jungsil Lee delivered a speech at the passage of the Bill.  
April 28-29 PM Abe addressed at the U.S. Congressional Session Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the U.S. Capitol to deliver a speech. WCCW in cooperation with 12 other civic organizations based in the U.S. gathered over 700 participants in front of the Capitol to express concerns of Japan's past and current handling of the comfort women issues. WCCW provided transportation for the local participants and the accommodation for surviving victim Ms. Yong Soo Lee's visit to attend the congressional session with PM Abe in Washington, DC.
April WCCW successfully led a fundraising campaign for the Capitol rally and for placing a full-page advertisement in the Washington Post on 4/28/2015.
May 2 WCCW at the annual KOWINNER World Convention WCCW hosted the Session II panel (titled Wartime Atrocity against Women: Comfort Women Case) and another breakout session at the KOWINNER World Convention 2015. President Jungsil Lee, Ph.D., served as the moderator and panel organizer.
May 21 Comfort Women Memorial Peace Garden (CWMPG) Anniversary Celebration WCCW celebrated one year anniversary of CWMPG in Fairfax County Government (Fairfax, VA). Presentations included a CNN news clip on the "comfort women" issues and select musical pieces from the upcoming off-Broadway musical "Comfort Women: New Musical."
June 3 Survisor Kim Bok Dong at the first Wednesday Protest in Washington DC WCCW supported a joint press conference with the Korean Council for Sexual Slaves Drafted by Imperial Japan, an NGO from the Republic of Korea, and the first joint Wednesday Protest in the U.S. attended by former "comfort women" Ms. Kim Bok Dong (in front of the Embassy of Japan, Washington, DC). President Jungsil Lee personally delivered letters from both organizations to the Embassy of Japan.
July 28 HR-121 Anniversary Celebration WCCW officers attended the 8th anniversary of the HR-121 on the Capitol Hill hosted by Korean American Civic Empowerment. President Jungsil Lee recited the text of HR-121 during the ceremony.

Press Conference WCCW organized a press conference at Corcoran School of Art and Design for Hyun Jin Kim, a South Korean lawyer who filed a lawsuit against the Government of Japan and Japanese companies affiliatd in abduction and transport process of "comfort women."
July 31   Comfort Women: New Musical
WCCW officers attended the opening night of the off-Broadway show in New York City in support of the first theatrical presentation of the WWII sexual slavery issue.
August 9 Prayer Concert by Japanese American musicians
Three distinguished Japanese American classical musicians dedicated the concert to the "comfort women" at Segeroh Church (Onley, MD) and WCCW President Jungsil Lee was invited to serve as a concert host.

Bicyclists on the cross-continent tour of the U.S.
WCCW met with two bicyclists en route the cross-continent tour of the U.S. to raise awareness for CW issues. WCCW organized a press conference and a Wednesday Protest in front of the Embassy of Japan, for the bicyclists.
September 2   CCTV Interview
President Jungsil Lee was invited as a guest commentator to "The Heart," a CCTV program, on the discussion of PM Abe's visit to the Capitol and comfort women issues.
September 1. WCCW Executive Committee Meeting (Potomac, MD)
2. WCCW Webinar Project Meeting (McLean, VA)
October  WCCW announced the Essay Competition, Art Competition, and the Webinar Research Project
November Memorial for Late US Rep. Lane Evans
WCCW hosted the one-year memorial ceremony of late US Representative Lane Evans's passing. Congressman Evans spearheaded the comfort women issues at the Capitol and was instrumental for the passage of HR-121.
December 29 WCCW Annual Meeting & Seminar
Guest speakers presented their study of the comfort women issues under the seminar theme, Accurate History Writing (Vienna, VA)