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Anniversary of Comfort Women Memorial Peace Garden - 5/21

WCCW is hosting the First Anniversary Comfort Women Memorial Peace Garden (CWMPG) to commemorate "Comfort Women," young women and girls from more than a dozen nations of Korea, ..

Registration for Comfort Women Memorial Peace Garden

Please register to attend the Comfort Women Memorial Peace Garden ceremony on May 21, 2015.

Session II, KOWINNER Convention in Washington DC

The 2015 KOWINNER Convention will be held in Washington DC between May 1 to May 3, 2015 at Hilton McLean Tysons Corner. KOWINNER invites all members to join 2015 Convention.

Special Report

President Obama/PM Abe's joint press

On the issue of comfort women, I am deeply pained to think about the comfort women who experience immeasurable pain and suffering as a result of victimization due to human trafficking. This is a feeling that I share equally..

Yesterday and today, Comfort woman

50년간 입 밖으로 꺼내지 못했다. 잊고 살고 싶었다. 그 일이 떠오르면 술을 마시고 담배를 꺼내 물었다. 그때마다 그날이 더 생생하게 떠올랐다. 결국 잊지 못했다. 전화기를 들어 한국정신대문제대책협의회(정대협)에 전화를 걸었다.


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